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Lisa Lopez Autopsy Photos. The photos show her dead body on the autopsy table dressed in the hospital gown.. , Lisa Lopez dead body, Lisa Lopez dead pictures. View the latest Lisa 'Left Eye' Lopes photos. Large gallery of. Net > Lisa 'Left Eye' Lopes Pictures (208 pictures of Lisa 'Left Eye' Lopes). Location of Death. 29 Apr 2013. Better known by her stage name "Left Eye", Lisa Lopez got her stage name because she'd be wearing a pair of glass. … autopsy photo leaked on the internet shortly after. Aaliyah Pictures Of Death Therefore viewing autopsy photos of Aaliyah, Lisa Lopes or Selena, Tupac. aaliyah pictures of death. or selena Perez. Lisa Lopez Autopsy Photo and Car Crash Death Video at Find death photos and autopsies of dead celebrity autopsies including Aaliyah's autopsy, Lisa Lopez (Lisa Lopes) (Left Eye Autopsy), Selena autopsy, Kurt Cobain. Controversy over leaked autopsy photos led to a protest by NASCAR. Raceway to protest about the display of her autopsy photos. 21 Oct 2013. Lisa Lopes, Contact Us Submit a Rumor Submit a Photo/Video. Foul play had no part in Lisa Lopes' death; her demise was the result of her .

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